I love teaching. Working with students feels crucial to my work as an artist. The intense challenge of teaching appeals to me — How can I refine my language to convey complex ideas simply? How do I take on my own positionality with respect to race, class, and gender identity in the classroom? I work to embody and teach the political values I uphold— inclusivity, personal expression, play, and togetherness. This practice is ongoing. 

My technique classes draw from a diverse movement background (martial arts, tap, modern/postmodern, jazz, ballet, West African dance to name a few) to generate dynamic, idiosyncratic, and occasionally funny ways of moving. My classes emphasize alignment principles sourced from DaoYin martial arts and the Iyengar yoga method, utilizing both metaphorical imagery and precise physical cues. I select music and movement pathways that connect to a sense of joy and wild abandon.