I am a Los Angeles based choreographer, performer, and instructor. My artistic work focuses on improvisational dance and speaking and the ways in which performers can build and deconstruct particular worlds and relationships in real time. The practice incorporates lindy hop, contact improvisation, and improv comedy to re-imagine social spheres. My collaborators and I practice partnering techniques guided by deep physical listening.

I frequently work with sound designers, musicians, filmmakers, and actors as a means of complicating and questioning the parameters of traditional concert dance. I am guided by the questions: How can interdisciplinary dialogues contribute to the evolution of the form? Where is dance going and what can I bring to the table? 


I try not to draw distinct boundaries between my teaching and dance-making practices. I am dedicated to sharing my research through classes in contemporary technique, yoga studies, improvisation, and composition. For me, making dance and teaching are modes of inquiry, where ideas are embodied and shared, not owned.