"Darrian creates a calm, focused, inclusive, and extremely positive class environment. She does an excellent job bringing each day's yoga practice into the context of yoga history and evolution, acknowledging the controversy of yoga's commercialization, and yet still allowing students to connect the postures to their individual lives, encouraging stronger engagement and reflection in class. I always look forward to this class and to Darrian's lighthearted yoga stories and playlists. The classes build on each other in a totally logical way, and I can feel myself growing stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable with each class."

-Anonymous Evaluation 

"Darrian's approach to teaching yoga is simple and relatable. She incorporates a balanced mix of play and focus to create an energizing and soulful class. Her light-hearted and compassionate guidance leaves me feeling rejuvenated and joyful."

— Erica Facey

"Honestly this was the best class I have ever taken at UCLA. I can say that what I've learned in this class will benefit me for the rest of my life because we learned real life lessons. The structure of the class was great, I enjoyed the repetition of having a proper start and end to our sessions. After each session I was energized and happy to start the day, even though it's an 8am class it did not feel like it. It helped me get through my days and gave me a positive start, I only wish it would be scheduled every single day of the week!"

-Anonymous Evaluation

"Darrian makes yoga playful and healing at the same time. I feel truly seen in her class; she takes the time to tend lovingly to each student. I have rearranged my schedule to attend Darrian's yoga classes— she's that good!"

— Melanie Cobb


"Spirited, light hearted, as well as grounding and deliberate, Darrian's classes epitomize most about what I love about the Jivamukti style of yoga— freedom within form. Darrian supreme control and cultivated sense of kinesthetic awareness reflect her deep knowledge of bodily systems and integrity. A graduate of New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Darrian's scholarship and years of dance performance and instruction make her an excellent instructor for yogis of all ages and levels. Darrian's effervescent personality and sense of humor make each class, authentic, fun, and challenging. "

— Gwen Benjamin, Strala Yoga Certified Instructor


"Darrian's yoga class is superb. The music was fun, she kept us engaged, and even gave us a massage. Darrian knows how to have fun, yet stay professional and obviously knows her craft. She even donated two classes out of the goodness of her heart to fundraise for a cause that was important to her. I would recommend her class to anyone."

—Lisa Melendy

"Recently, I have had the good fortune to have had Darrian O'Reilly as my yoga instructor.  It has been a pleasure to be a student. I leave her classes feeling invigorated and ready to face the day.  Her philosophy and ideas towards yoga have given me more from attending her classes than I would have ever thought!   I feel the benefits of the stretching I receive and, more specifically, the strength I have gained (physically and mentally) through her instruction.  The experience has been pure joy!"

— Cheryl Keenan