Electric Lodge, April 2016
Glorya Kaufman Theater, April 2017
In an intensely nostalgic 1950s apocalyptic prom nightmare, “Clown’s Girlfriend” depicts the decay of the party. Set to mid-twentieth century sound-effects records and a two-man jazz ensemble, six high-heeled women in extravagant formalwear scamper and scurry, contort and flop, and softshoe and wiggle across the stage as they create and destroy their world. Referencing retro tropes, music, and costumes reminiscent of Old Hollywood, the dance both undermines and pays tribute to traditional conventions of live entertainment.
Performed by Alexsa Durrans, Gracie Winston, Sarah Summers, Leanna Bremond, Cecelia Montalvo, Bora Yoon, Steven Gordon, and Darrian O'Reilly